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14 - Jul - 2006

On 15 July, the DREAM programme and the Movement of the Country of the Rainbow celebrated the inauguration of two new centres: the Nutritional Centre and the DREAM centre for children with HIV.

The nutritional centre of Matola consists of three large African style buildings, featuring large straw roofs and equipped with tables and chairs. There is a big kitchen made up of two sections for the preparation of food, a room to wash crockery and two storerooms.

Besides, there is a small building to be used for offices and an ambulatory, while another structure serves as a school with three classrooms.

The centre welcomes around 700 children every day for a meal, helps them with their schoolwork and monitors their school attendance, takes care of their health and undertakes to ensure that their registration records are in order.


The coordination and management of the centre are in the hands of DREAM activists, assisted by scouts from the neighbouring parish of St Gabriel.

Present at the inauguration was Mrs Maria Dai Luz Guebuza, the wife of the president of the Republic of Mozambique, now an honorary member of the nutritional centre, the Minister for Women and Social Action, the city mayor, the director of the World Food Programme in Mozambique and a delegation of the Community from Rome.

Later, the DREAM centre for children affected by HIV was inaugurated. This building is situated in the heart of the city of Maputo, in an old Portuguese villa. From now on this villa will house a modern day hospital with 10 medical examination rooms, a room for taking samples, another for testing and counselling, a pharmacy, an advanced molecular biology laboratory measuring 300 square metres and a clinical centre intended for prevention of vertical transmission.

It was the felt need to equip the country with a new centre dedicated to the treatment of paediatric AIDS that prompted the DREAM programme to set up such a structure. The aim is to save as many children as possible from the pandemic.

Many representatives of the civil, religious and scientific authorities of the country were present. After the visit and greetings were done, Mrs Maria Luz Dai Guebuza unveiled the plaque of the new centre and expressed gratitude for the concrete and faithful help of the Community of Sant’Egidio to the country.
The night before the inaugurations, a delegation of the Communi


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