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The DREAM programme concentrates particularly on women because of the importance of their contribution to the community. Women have always been the main victims of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, even though they represent the fulcrum of the family and of African society as a whole.


Today, knowing that there is a therapy that works and that therefore if the result of an HIV test is positive, this is not a death sentence, leads to a new awareness. Women are marginalised and are made outcasts by the disease and yet, they are at the centre of this revolution, they show how it is possible to react and start living a new life. Together with these women are their men, their neighbours, whole villages and above all the children, who are born healthy and are no longer orphans. Encouraging women to be active and take on a conscious role is essential for spreading a new culture of healthcare and it makes it easier for patients in difficulty to be assisted and to integrate. This aim is expressed through the testimony of many of the women who are in treatment and who have become testimonials for the programme. Their support in home care activities is fundamental, also in raising awareness in the local communities and in the media against the stigma and discrimination. They also carry out peer to peer education to assist other women during their pregnancy and in managing the disease. The commitment and testimony of many of these women has brought thousands of people closer to therapy and the result is an improvement in adherence to the treatment protocols and empowerment of women and their role in society.


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