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11 - Jan - 2007

The Christmas party at the nutritional centre “Rainbow Country” in Matola, Mozambique, was a big and beautiful feast for all the 750 children who attended as well as for campaigners of the DREAM programme who worked hard to organize it.
Those children who go to the centre every day for lunch were joined by the sons and daughters of some patients receiving treatment at the centres of Matola and Machava.
The meal was wholly organized and prepared by DREAM campaigners toiled in the days before Christmas to decorate the centre, cook the meal and wrap Christmas presents.
The aim was to ensure that the children could enjoy a happy Christmas in a welcoming and familiar environment.
The eldest children who attend the centre, now teenagers, joined in preparations for the meal, helping to lay 80 tables that seated all the children for their meal.
The cooks worked from the early morning, using a new kitchen that has been in use since the “Country of the Rainbow” [or Rainbow Country] centre was inaugurated a few months ago. The menu of the meal was made up of dishes that children of the centre enjoy the most: rice with vegetables, roast chicken, fries and of course, the inimitable panettone.

After the meal came the party with no less than four specimen of Father Christmas who brought cheer and presents for every single one of the 750 children present. Many had never received a toy as a gift just for them before.
The presents distributed to all the children were bought thanks to the proceeds of a collection organized at the Muslim community of Maputo by Muslim friends who collaborate with DREAM. The same friends helped to serve the children at table.
At the end of the day, a date was set for the next Christmas party!


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