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17 - Sep - 2007

On 6 September, the DREAM centre of Conakry received a very welcome gift: 10 tons of rice, given by the Health Minister, Mrs Hadja MaimounaBah.

The two hundred sacks of rice came as a gift after a visit by the Prime Minister on 7 August. On that occasion, Lansana Kouyaté, impressed by the activities of DREAM and by the testimony of the patients, committed himself to supporting the centre, which now cares for and treats more than 1,300 people. Of these, 500 also benefit from the food supplementation programme.

Rice, beans, salt, oil and sugar are fundamental supplies for many families of Conakry, especially at this time, when prices of basic essential items continue to rise. The struggle against AIDS is also fought through countering malnutrition among the most vulnerable: women and children.


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