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18 - Dec - 2007

The local DREAM centre in Materi marked World AIDS Day on 1 December.
Hundreds of patients turned up at the centre early in the morning, to animate a series of public events aimed at drawing the attention of all to the importance of treatment and prevention to defeat the disease. Later, under the scorching sun, the patients and staff of DREAM went on a march throughout the township. When it was over, performances animated the rest of the day, with local dances and music.

The DREAM centre in Materi has just marked its second anniversary. Throughout these two years, DREAM has proved to be an extremely concrete hope: the hope of healing, the hope of a better tomorrow.

The joy and hope that DREAM has spread across all the land of Meru were reflected over and again in the witnesses of many, in the words of people and the presenters.

The slogan of World AIDS Day 2007 was “Keep the promise”. DREAM has done more than keep its promise. It has gone way beyond. It has conveyed – to the West as well as to Africa – that feelings of powerlessness and resignation, which often permeate speeches about AIDS and about the future of the African continent, are a wrong path to follow. And that audacious moves and choices that show faith in the future can be counted upon.

All this is also due to the tirelessness of the staff and campaigners of DREAM in Kenya.


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