HomeDREAMMaputo, Mozambique: “escolinha” for pre-school children inaugurated at matola nutritional centre
23 - Jan - 2008

On 21 January, as schools in Maputo were re-opening after the summer break, an “escolinha” of the Nutritional Centre of Matola was inaugurated, a small school hosting 12 children of pre-school age. 

Run by two of the centre’s activists, the “escolinha” is open all morning from Monday to Friday. On the first day, the children turned up accompanied by their mothers. At first, they were somewhat excited… but after an enjoyable shower and a welcome breakfast, they each received a new pinafore, ready to start their first day of school. 

Before long, the reception hall, colourful and packed with games, was filled with the children’s singing, laughing and joy. As from next week, pre-writing activities will start. 

The “escolinha” will help the children not to stay alone at home or on the street; in fact their time at the “escolinha” is a space of fun and games, where at last, the little ones have a chance to be children.


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