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11 - Apr - 2008

On 8 April, a joint delegation comprising representatives of the WFP, the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and other ministries, visited the DREAM centre of Arusha (located in Usa River). The delegation was undertaking a long tour of northern Tanzania to observe close at hand the different experiences of nutritional integration implemented there. Their itinerary could not but include a visit to the DREAM centre of Arusha, which WFP has been supporting faithfully since 2006. 

The members of the delegation were impressed by the advanced level of the centre’s activities, and especially by the considerable importance paid by the DREAM programme to the relationship between HIV infection and malnutrition. 

The testimony of Ndeshi, one of the activists of the centre, was beautiful and moving. Ndeshi told her life story, explaining how meeting DREAM changed her life and that of many others. She said the desire grew in her and in others to be available, to explain to infected people how they can live well, even with AIDS, and the importance of proper nutrition to do so.

In fact, by giving lessons, DREAM activists, men and women, help many people to understand the significance of the nutritional factor in the therapeutic context, especially as regards newborns and babies. The passionate sharing by Ndeshi proved to be extremely convincing and gave the delegation an indication of just how vital DREAM considers the nutritional challenge to be. 

After the visit, the delegation took off, taking with them the sure realisation that treatment of AIDS patients is possible in Tanzania, and that DREAM is one of the most effective models in the struggle against HIV and malnutrition.


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