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29 - May - 2008

A new DREAM centre was recently inaugurated in Mtendere (a large village some 100km south-east of the Malawian capital Lilongwe). This rural centre is a satellite of the day hospital of Balaka, which will be run by the Teresian Sisters, and in particular by a team that was expressly trained during the latest DREAM course in Blantyre.

In recent months, the Teresians belonging to the Mission situated in the village, had a new structure built next to their modest rural hospital, for the purpose of welcoming and treating people with HIV and AIDS coming from the large area located near the border with Mozambique, where Mtendere is found.

To date, in fact, only a handful of people have been able to reach Dedza, the largest township in the area, as well as the nearest health centre, more than 30km away, to be able to receive the treatment they needed.

This is why the news of a new DREAM centre was welcomed with great rejoicing by all the residents of villages in the area. Men and women, singing and dancing, participated in the inauguration and, so to speak, launched the activities of the day hospital.
Many people, who have long been waiting to be treated, will at last have the therapy they need. And the new rural centre of Mtendere will contribute to fortifying the network of treatment and solidarity called DREAM, which already covers much of Malawi.


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