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25 - Aug - 2008

Kyeni is nearly 50km away from the DREAM centre of Tharaka, the first DREAM centre to become operational in Kenya. Kyeni is difficult to find on maps, even maps of Kenya, but not for DREAM!!! The friendship with Kyeni hospital started back in 2006; the service was born as a satellite centre of Tharaka, but the number of its patients grew swiftly and soon Kyeni became a fully fledged DREAM centre. The hospital facilities are sparse, but the desire to treat as well as possible the 180 patients who come to the centre, is strong.

To date, all the work of the centre was still “on paper”: all the check-ups, all the drug deliveries and so on. Everything was recorded by hand and this was both tiring and expensive in terms of time.

Hence, last week a “computer” mission arrived in Kyeni to install a network, three computers, a printer and naturally the DREAM software for the computer management of patients’ data.

And soon there will be the internet too!!

This is a welcome revolution for the hospital staff members, who soon became aware of the potential of this novelty to help them to treat and monitor their patients better than ever.

Once the installation was completed, a course about how to use the software was given to the Kyeni staff. Special thanks go to the staff members of the Tharaka centre, who right from the start helped Kyeni centre to grow. The Tharaka centre ensured that at least two professionals (a clinical officer and a pharmacist) be present throughout the week for training. And for all of next month, the Tharaka staff will support the work and medical examinations of the Kyeni centre. It is a beautiful example of generosity.

At the end of the training, the hospital staff in its entirety wanted to thank DREAM for all it did to support this centre and for the modest “computer” revolution, which will serve to treat more patients in a more effective way.





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