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25 - Oct - 2008

The last 18th October, around 200 persons met in the Conarky DREAM centre. The programme was the launch – even in Guinea – of the I DREAM Movement (Nkhiessa in soussou, the city’s spoken language).
It has been a joyful and involving meeting, introduced by the Movement’s song and helped by the chorus and dances which have accompanied the end of each participant’s speech (about fifteen).

Joyful songs and dances which confirmed the gratitude words of those who took the microphone to briefly tell the story of each one’s encounter with DREAM.

Women (the majority) and men expressed their gratitude in a real and soulful way. 

Gratitude for an unexpected recovery, for being comforted a moment before precipitating in the abyss, for finally having the news that your own child, or daughter, is free from AIDS. 

The names of the doctors and Kindy, the Conarky’s centre coordinator, were often named in the stories.

This gratitude and this joy could be breathed in those days even thousands of km away, at Usa River, in Tanzania, where the third meeting of the Mimi DREAM Movement was held.

Even there, the sense of being an united family which fights against evil and commits to involve many in a flow of hope, in a common effort to grow a more open and supportive mentality, was something you could touch with your hands.

So in Guinea, but also in Tanzania, the I DREAM Movement grows and plants roots, first of all in the Centres, and then, we hope, in society.

It’s a small, but important fact that we want to note and that leads to other considerations.

This same wavelength between DREAM centres, between parallel movements which are growing in a lot of African countries, is in fact unique and important.

It supports who needs to be encouraged and brings hope, which many continue believe in, in a different tomorrow for Africa and the world.

Even if the present is difficult – just think about the continuous rise in prices of foodstuffs, petrol and tariffs which occurs in all african countries- from Conarky to Tanzania, and then to Malawi and Mozambique, in the whole of Africa, the growth of the I DREAM Movement explains that the dream of a more human and supportive world isn’t dead, and that the strength to make that dream come true comes from helping each other. Almost from one place to another, an action after another. It’s the common path across a shared itinerary that illuminates the future of many men and many countries.




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