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the Municipality of Novara dedicates to DREAM the revenue of a parking lot.
21 - Dec - 2008

The Municipality of Novara, recognizing the value of the commitment of the Community of Sant’ Egidio of Novara and of numerous citizens in the support of DREAM, welcomed the proposal of dedicating the revenue of ten parking places and of a parking lot of the town centre, next to the University, in favour of the vertical DREAM program of prevention in Africa.

This commitment, continuous, was initialed with the opening of a "totem" placed in the parking lot that briefly explains the activity of DREAM. The two panels will then be periodically updated, with news on the project and on DREAM in general. The nice African images of women with their children do not only brighten up the urban environment, but attract the curiosity of the a lot of customers of the parking lot.

On the occasion of the opening, the Mayor remarked the effectiveness of the work of the Community of Sant’ Egidio in Africa, ensuring his engagement in the support of the initiative. "There are people that suffer much more than us, and we, despite the crisis, cannot not consider us fortunate" confirmed the Mayor.

The initiative is a nice indicator of an engagement for Africa that the town of Novara will be able to feel more deeply and widely as its own responsibility, even in times of fall back and crisis… and perhaps the parking space will be paid more willingly!


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