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04 - May - 2009

A pan African course for Computer and Electrical Technicians for DREAM has begun in Iringa, southern Tanzania. The beginning of the course coincides with the end of construction work on the new DREAM Center in Iringa whilst waiting to set up the medical rooms and laboratories in the Center. The course will provide training to facilitate the management of the future health center as well as improved electrical systems and more secure data bases in the already functional DREAM Centers.

The course participants come from various parts of Africa: Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, The Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Guinea and of course Tanzania. A total of 21 technicians will stay in Iringa for 3 weeks. The course is made up of several components which include both theoretical as well as practical aspects.

The course began with the analysis of electrical aspects of a DREAM installation and will continue to deal with both I.T. and telecommunication issues, over the next few weeks.

A reliable and functioning electrical and I.T. network are fundamental in all DREAM Centers and Laboratories as well as improved and secure databases. The responsibility held by all those who deal in this area in various countries, is of utmost importance. As DREAM continues to strive for excellence in all areas, our technicians maintain these standards in the technical field.

The desire to learn and improve is enormous. The atmosphere is also unique allowing a sharing of knowledge and learning between various African work experiences and European technicians.

“I have finally found what I have been looking for”, stated one Tanzanian technician. He was extremely pleased to have found such a friendly but constructive atmosphere. He looks forward to the possibility of growing professionally together with DREAM.




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