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Celebration with children being cared for by DREAM
27 - Jul - 2009

In Guinea, the beginning of summer is dedicated to children: a perfect occasion to have a party with the little ones being cared for by the DREAM center in Conakry.

The initiative was started by “I DREAM” activists who, like they did in the past, asked everyone to lend a hand.

Thus one patient who is a baker provided bread, a store managed by acquaintances furnished drinks, many other patients and personnel of the center contributed to the other costs … and the owner of the new amusement park in Conakry gave free entrance tickets and rides on the merry-go-round to everybody!

So, the appointment was made to meet at the gates of “October 2 Garden”, a genuine island of happiness for children, unfortunately too often inaccessible to the very poor.

Rain fell heavily during the night – as is often the case in the summer in Conakry, one of the rainiest cities in the world – discouraging some, but not all!

The activists were at the center preparing sandwiches even before the first light of dawn. And precisely at 9, the first children were at the gate, elegant and very happy!

In the course of the morning, the sun even came out, allowing everyone to celebrate outdoors and to close the day’s excursion with an excellent picnic: a complete success!






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