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03 - Oct - 2009

The training course intended for activists and representatives of approximately 80 associations involved in the battle against AIDS from all the provinces of Mozambique ended on a festive note on October 3rd.

The course for about 120 participants which began on 28th September dealt with topics regarding the illness AIDS, basic health education, nutritional education and the problems connected with following the antiretroviral treatment.

There was a high level of interest and participation and the ability of the teaching staff to deal with complex issues clearly and effectively was particularly appreciated. 23 tutors from the ‘EU DREAM’ Movement gave their support to the entire initiative thus guaranteeing the active involvement and verifying the level of understanding of the participants.

One of the students had this comment to make: ‘I thought I knew a lot about AIDS but this course allowed me to deepen my understanding of many aspects. It also opened my eyes to the health rights of all citizens.’

After the course attendance certificates had been awarded a meeting was held in order to reflect together on how to support the treatment programme and the battle against AIDS throughout the country and how to affirm the right to quality treatment for all.

What emerged was the importance of training as one of the fundamental tools of communication necessary both during the treatment process and also in the prevention of the illness.

The right to good health, access to treatment, quality services, these were the issues the meeting committed itself to working on together.

All the associations scattered throughout the country promised to collaborate with each other and unify their efforts to satisfy the real and concrete needs of people with AIDS. Moreover, the associations who were present agreed enthusiastically to the proposal of repeating the training course at a local level in collaboration with the ‘EU DREAM’ Movement.



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