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A car-park that saves the lives of African children
03 - Dec - 2009

On the day dedicated throughout the world to the fight against AIDS, Novara is celebrating the first anniversary of the initiative “A car-park for life” by making the first donation from the Council in favour of the DREAM programme.

One year’s revenue has made it possible to save 20 babies from maternal transmission of the virus.

Representing the Council of Novara at the short ceremony was the Council’s spokesman for the Arts, Dr. Giancarlo Pessarelli, who declared that social and humanitarian initiatives promoted by the Community of Saint Egidio in Novara were always worthy of respect and consideration.

20 African families have been able to rejoice thanks to the people of Novara who, through a car-park, have forged a strange, unusual bond between this busy Italian city and a strip of Africa fighting for survival.

The totem pole (totally free from any type of vandalism) which dominates one of the most crowded car-parks in Novara, has been updated with new photos and data recounting the achievements of 2009.

We will meet again in a year’s time, in the hope that many other African families may rejoice thanks to this unusual but loyal friendship. Because every life has worth, every baby snatched from death represents the deliverance of an entire world


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