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17 - Dec - 2009

On Dec.4th , a conference entitled, “Long Live Africa!”, dedicated particularly to the presentation of the DREAM Programme’s fight against AIDS in Africa, was held at the Titano theatre in the heart of the small San Marino Republic, the ancient independent state set in the centre of Italy.

In fact, the San Marino Republic has decided to support the DREAM Programme’s work in Africa, and in particular Conakry, the capital of the Guinea Republic, with a substantial financial contribution. An important part in this can be attributed to the passion and commitment shown by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, the Honourable Antonella Mularoni.

During his speech to the conference, Kpakilé Felemou, director of the DREAM Programme in the Guinea Republic, underlined the progress made in Conakry especially in terms of the vertical prevention of the HIV infection and the increasing awareness and role of women with AIDS in a society which often does not take women into account. He also stressed the value of a EuroAfrican collaboration which believes in the fruits of solidarity and the capacity of the countries south of the Sahara to come to life again.



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