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01 - Apr - 2011

Maji Ya Chai is a village located on the road that goes from Arusha to the Kilimanjaro International airport.

The Dream Center of USA River is not far away and in the villages that overlook this road there are many secondary schools. Students come from many villages scattered throughout the area, even from afar.

In fact, in proportion to the population, secondary schools are not many.

The secondary school of Maji Ya Chai counts upon 800 youngsters coming from 8 villages and the students travel a long way to go to school because studying is the only hope for a different future.

A different future is also a future free of AIDS and this is the reason why the operators of the Dream center wished to meet the young people in an assembly, to explain what Dream is and how it is possible to prevent and treat AIDS.

A meeting with the teaching staff, requesting their cooperation to overcome the fear and the stigma of the disease, preceded the assembly.

Then the students, about 700, gathered under a large tree and listened with great interest to the speech of the operators of Dream.

Eventually they asked many questions, overcoming the embarrassment: what is the Community of Sant’Egidio? Why did they start the DREAM program? How contagious is AIDS? How can you get it? How can you prevent it? Do drugs really work? Who can come to Dream? Is the test free of charge?

The assembly ended with a commitment from the young people: each one will spread word about the good news in their own village: it is possible to defeat AIDS.




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