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03 - Oct - 2011

In the last days of September many events featured the DREAM Center of Usa River.
The center, located in a rural area 25 km from Arusha, assists approximately 1100 patients who arrive each day, some of them coming from very far away.

Many of them in the last months have heard of DREAM in their villages, actually and to be more precise, at the market place.

In fact, the activists of “I DREAM” visit the markets of the area twice a week to meet people and invite them to come to the Center and make the test.

In the markets, amongst the Massai who sell their cattle and the many stalls run by women who sell fruit and vegetables, the gazebo of DREAM attracts many people who stop by to talk and ask questions to the activists.

But DREAM also goes to schools….
Last September 30th, the activists, the coordinator and the doctor in charge of the USA River Center held a lecture to 200 students of a secondary school.

It was a very special lesson for the students, who are used to spending their mornings copying written lessons on the blackboard. With the support of a “power point” we spoke about health education, explained about the virus, explained what is AIDS and how it is transmitted, analyzed the diffusion of the disease in the world, in Africa and in Tanzania.

The images raised much interest in the students, they did a lot of questions, and a big round of applause was raised when Eli, one of the oldest activists of the Center testified about her resurrection from the disease when she met DREAM.

At the end of the lecture when a questionnaire was distributed, questions have sparked a huge buzz among the participants and a competition begun to see who amongst them would provide the correct answer. The teachers and the school director were also enthusiastic about the lesson and have asked DREAM to repeat it to all students, who are a good 500.

There is a great deal of work for DREAM in the coming months: many young people have already solicited this special lesson for their own schools.




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