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26 - Apr - 2012

Ana Maria Muhai has been honored by the Youngsters Mozambican Parliament for her example of courage in the fight against discrimination during the "Grand Festival of Women, in the Evening for Citizenship”.

On April 26, in the Gilberto Mendes Theatre in Maputo, Ana Maria Muhai was greeted as an example of courage for all Mozambicans, both men and women, who have been hit by HIV. The motivation: “Ana Maria was the first woman to admit publicly that she was HIV positive and to carry on the fight against discrimination through the multiple activities that she undertakes as an activist of the DREAM Program of the Community of Sant’Egidio.”

Ana Maria Muhai went onstage with other successful and courageous women who make the difference in Mozambique in their different categories: Paulina Chiziane, the first novel writer in the country; Maria Alice Mabota, the paladin of human’s rights; Anabela Adrianopoulos, the tv anchorwoman who has renewed the talk shows with updated issues; Angela Francisco, the first woman pilot; Adelina Langa, who today is a entrepreneur but who, at the age of 9, used to sell charcoal; k Gonçalves, the first woman to be a referee in the Mozambican’s men’s soccer championship.

The ceremony, which was arranged in occasion of the month dedicated to Mozambican Women, was organized by the Youngsters Mozambican Parliament, a movement founded in 2008 and created to reflect upon issues regarding the youngsters and, more in general, with regards to the Mozambican society and also to pressure politicians aiming to strengthen the democratic process. It is a breeding ground for future leaders of the country, consisting of 120 young people representing youth organizations representing the 11 provinces of the country.

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Justice, Benvinda Levy, who greeted Ana Maria Muhai with a big hug.


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