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29 - Oct - 2012

Bibwa is the suburb of Kinshasa where a year ago a new DREAM center opened. It is predominantly rural area, now expanding due to a disproportionate growth of the city, which is said to have reached 13 million inhabitants.

Following the construction of the center the area was filled with numerous small concrete houses, but devoid of water and energy. In the area there are only two wells, where the water though has to be paid, but the people are very poor and to find it often have to walk for many kilometers.

 “With DREAM and with its water, the Community of Sant’Egidio is like Moses who freed his people from slavery in Egypt!” With these words the chief of the district of Bibwa has hailed the inauguration of the new cistern.

A small sign, a gesture of friendship and care – also totally free of charge – for the life and health of more than 40 families every day. And then….matondo mingi (thank you!) Sant’Egidio!


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