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21 - Aug - 2013

It was a long awaited visit the one that the Italian ambassador, Roberto Vellano, made last week to the DREAM center "para a criança" in Maputo.

"A great job," he said as he walked through all the steps of the DREAM program. The ambassador stopped to talk with all workers and activists of DREAM, and he was interested in all aspects of the program: the home care, laboratory analysis, the cooking school, the software, the medication and nutritional supplementation.

He was very impressed by the work done on the prevention of cervical cancer and on the newly opened clinic for the treatment of tuberculosis.

The ambassador, accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Ascension, and Vincent Oddo from the Italian Cooperation, was briefed on the numbers of DREAM and the new program projects in Mozambique.

Italy took over the presidency of the Group of 19 countries (G19) donors of the general budget of the State in Mozambique.



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