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27 - Oct - 2013

In the past two years Mozambique has been on the front pages of newspapers around the world for a series of discoveries of natural gas in the northern part of the country made especially by ENI, the national Italian hydrocarbons Institute. The estimated reserves of natural gas are considerable and are of great interest for the export of LPG especially to the Far East.

In recent years there has been a growing number of Italians that for this reason came to work in Mozambique. On several occasions the representatives of DREAM in the country have met with the leaders of the ENI project. And the interest to visit and to know more about the work of DREAM has increased.

In fact, a few days ago a delegation led by ENI's Health Manager for East Africa, Abelardo Chacon, visited the Centro para a Criança of the DREAM program in Maputo. The delegation met the staff of the center, who explained the work that takes place not only in Maputo, but in the different provinces of Mozambique, especially with the aim of supporting the country for it to be cleared as soon as possible of  the transmission of the HIV virus from mother to child. Many mothers have shown their healthy children and told about the happiness of a regenerated life for them and for the whole family. The delegation was also very impressed by the capillary organization of the Program and the professionalism of its staff.

The visit ended with a request to find out more about the other initiatives of the Community of Sant'Egidio in the country and to meet again soon.


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