HomeDREAMThe women of the movement I DREAM receive the award Nadja Maganja Jevnikar.
12 - Mar - 2014

The award was established five years ago in memory of Nadja Maganja, a woman of the Slovene community that has always been engaged in the civil society on behalf of dialogue and in the defense of human rights.

Each year the prize is awarded to a woman or a group of women who have distinguished themselves for a testimony of life marked by faith and by one or more of the qualities that have marked the life and work of Nadja Maganja: faith, prayer, love for historical, scientific, social and intellectual research, the use of writing to communicate their experience and commitment, spirit of service, love for ecumenical and interreligious dialogue, educational commitment, solidarity with the poor and the weak, protection of human rights.

This year the Committee has assigned the prize to the women of DREAM for their activities in promoting the right to health, the commitment in the fight against stigma and discrimination and for the ransom of the weak and the poor.

Jane Gondwe accepted the award on behalf of all women of DREAM and in her salute she expressed her gratitude for the prestigious award and spoke about her experience.

In the following days Jane met groups of young people and adults in the city to share her experience, life in Malawi and to answer some questions. Thanks to the award and these exciting meetings, the city of Trieste and the Slovenian Community today are closer to Africa.


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