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03 - Apr - 2014

In March, the DREAM program has been recognized as being an initiative of “High Potential Social Entrepreneurship”. The acknowledgement came from the IES (Institute of Social Entrepreneurship), a Portuguese non-profit organization that has the task of identifying social innovations and entrepreneurial programs with a high social content. The IES collaborates with various international partners, foundations and companies (such as Agua de Portugal, BMW Foundation and others). The IES has launched an identification program of the social entrepreneurship activities in Mozambique, taking advantage of the innovative research methodology called ES+. In Mozambique the ES+ project was carried out with funding from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

During the research, the IES has analyzed more than 700 initiatives in the country and DREAM has been identified as one of those that have a greater impact on social development, acknowledging the high value of DREAM in the Mozambican context.  

The award was conferred at the presence of the representatives of the IES and of the awarded associations. During the ceremony, it was pointed out how DREAM, after more than 10 years of activity in the country, is today one of the most influential and effective programs in Mozambique


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