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20 - Jul - 2016

2016-07-15-dedica-Elard-01The DREAM center in Blantyre, the most important center of the Program of the Community of Sant’Egidio in the country, was dedicated today to Elard Alumando. The patients who knew him, the DREAM personnel, his family and his closest friends met for a small service around the plaque bearing his name. Jane Gondwe, a DREAM activist since the very beginning and a great friend of Elard, shared how, through his work in the Program, he contributed to saving many lives in Malawi, including her own. Stories were also shared of how Elard believed and fought for the dream of rendering treatment free and accessible to all, especially to the poor. Dedicating the Center to him expresses the gratitude towards Elard for his 12-year commitment to the DREAM Program and the promise to not forget him, but instead to cherish his testimony and carry on his battles, so as to continue changing the story of many Malawians. Today with great emotion many said: thank you Elard.


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