HomeDREAMVaccination campaign in Africa continues unabated
23 - Feb - 2022

In addition to the inauguration in recent months of vaccination hubs in Malawi, Central African Republic and Democratic Republic of Congo, the campaign is now expanding to Mozambique.

After training the local staff in the 12 DREAM centres in the country between Maputo, Beria and Quelimane, together with the normal running of the health activities already in place, the campaign of immunisation against the Sars-Cov2 virus has begun.

All this was made possible thanks to donations from the Dal Dosso Family, Coop Italy, Cardinal Krajewski and the Republic of Cyprus Embassy.

The funds donated have been essential for the increase of covid 19 vaccinations in the DREAM centres, it is now clear that there is no fight against the virus without a global spread of vaccines and that saving Africa is saving everyone.


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