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The project ‘Foodie – Strengthening Food Security and Health in Mozambique’ will be implemented in Mozambique, specifically in the Province of Sofala, particularly in the Beira area, the country’s second-largest city, with a population of approximately 530,700 inhabitants, about one-third of the total population in the province. In this location, it is estimated that the prevalence of children with acute and severe malnutrition is significantly higher than the national average (7.4% and 1.6%, respectively), as well as infant mortality, which is above the national average (105 vs 90 per thousand).

The project aims to strengthen investments related to good nutrition for children.

Through ‘Foodie’, the Community of S. Egidio ACAP aims to enhance the services offered at the nutrition center in Beira, opening its doors to a greater number of children and youth, serving as a protective network against all risk situations that may affect children and pre-adolescents, particularly girls and street children.


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