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30 - Nov - 2006

From 1 to 3 December, a DREAM delegation will be in China, in Tianjin (Tientsin according to the old transliteration at Beijing) to participate in an International Conference due to be held in the Chinese city to mark World AIDS Day.

The scenario is clearly one of great importance. China aims to be a more noteworthy protagonist in the context of the struggle against AIDS and the recent China-Africa summit held in Beijing revealed to the world the increasingly serious involvement of the Asian giant in Africa.

The Tianjin conference could thus be a prime opportunity to insist on the necessity of greater commitment by governments and international organizations to support antiretroviral therapy on the African continent as well as on a global level, to re-launch initiatives aimed at countering the spread of HIV.

The DREAM delegation will address the VIII session of the meeting (“The Global Strategies and Effectiveness for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control”) with a report entitled
“Is Administration of HAART Therapy to Mothers in PMTCT Programs Cost-Effective? The results of the DREAM program”. This report will insist on the positive aspects of the cost-effective outcomes of the vertical prevention programme implemented by DREAM.


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