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23 - Dec - 2006


DREAM is expanding its range of activities in central Malawi.

In Balaka, a township situated in the valley of Shire River, our programme is about to boost the diagnostic and treatment activities for AIDS undertaken by the Confort Clinic of the local Monfortian mission.

Actually, DREAM has been helping, albeit indirectly, the work of the missionaries for some time, especially by supplying economic and laboratory support.

However, the restoration and enlargement of existing structures that has just been completed, as well as the construction of a new maternity clinic and a room for a basic laboratory, will allow us to directly take on board the diagnostics and antiretroviral treatment for around 450 patients at the centre. The staff has been expanded and is getting ready to respond with new strength to the needs of the area.

In Balaka, as in other DREAM centres of Malawi, activities will be geared above all towards helping those who live in rural areas and surrounding villages. Balaka is in the heart of a rural area that is not very accessible by roads and means of transport, especially during the ongoing intense rainy season. Nonetheless, the need is such that many patients cover long stretches on foot or by bicycle to reach us; there are even people who come from Kapire, more than 80km from Balaka, and from even farther away.  

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