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25 - Dec - 2006


21 December 2006 fell on a Thursday, a day in the week that is always dedicated to the treatment of children at the Machava DREAM centre in Mozambique. This particular Thursday was really special.

The children receiving antiretroviral treatment were invited for a Christmas party and all turned up, some accompanied by their mothers, others by their grandmothers or older brothers and sisters, each dressed in their best clothes, those they reserve for special occasions.


The garden was decked out with party decorations and the activists and staff members of the centre were wearing Father Christmas hats, to the glee of their guests.

At the end of the party each child received a gift according to his/her age and a food package to permit the family to celebrate Christmas day.


The toys given to the children were the fruit of donations by many families of the Muslim community of Maputo that Dr Nurija, the clinical director of the centre, involved in a solidarity drive for sick and poor children cared for by the DREAM programme.

After all, the strength of DREAM also lies in its ability to communicate and transmit a spirit of solidarity with the poorest of the poor.

Other people get involved, infected by good, fascinated and won over by a desire to build something good, a better future for themselves and others.

Safeguarding the future of so many children and guaranteeing the tomorrow of Mozambique and of Africa, this is a significant challenge that men and women of all faiths want and know how to take up.


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