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18 - Feb - 2007

Good news has come from Democratic Republic of Congo about the future DREAM centre of Mbandaka. The construction of the buildings is proceeding swiftly. The pictures bear witness to the advanced stage of works which were launched in June and the outlines of a day hospital and molecular biology laboratory can already be discerned as they start to take shape.
The future DREAM centre is emerging thanks to collaboration between the Community of Sant’Egidio and the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity.

The Daughters of Charity have been in Mbandaka region for decades and they are well established there, undertaking several social and health services. With the new DREAM centre, their commitment will expand to fight AIDS and to implement prevention of transmission of the disease from mother to child.

This will be the first mark of DREAM’s presence in Congo, an enormous African country which has just ended a lengthy transition to democracy and is about to embark on the path of peace, unity and development. In this perspective, the DREAM centre will play its part in contributing to a resumption of normal life, normality consisting of guaranteed treatment and of a present and a future that are protected.

A former colonial city on the banks of the huge Congo River, Mbandaka is today the provincial capital of Equator, or rather, of one of the most isolated areas of the country, without regular connections with the capital Kinshasa and particularly hard hit by the AIDS epidemic. Thus, DREAM faces a challenge as it aims to re-ignite hope and confidence in one of the most neglected and tough places of central Africa.


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