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07 - Jun - 2007

On 1 June, “o Dia da Criança” (International Children’s Day) is celebrated in Mozambique. It is a national feast day, schools are closed and society places children at the centre of attention.
It is said that in a way, Children’s Day lasts all the year round at the Nutritional Centre of Matola C. Every day, at Matola C, hundreds of little Mozambicans are lavished with attention and care, fed and helped. In reality, however, 1 June had to be a somewhat special day at the Nutritional Centre too, a day of partying and games. And so it was!
The first children to arrive started coming at around 9.30am, accompanied by their scout friends. Each of them wore his or her best party clothes proudly and happily. It was their party! And it turned out to be a fantastic morning of fun. The children took turns in the many team games that had been prepared, winning and losing, but always having lots of fun…
Gradually, as the morning passed, the number of children playing there grew. At lunchtime, there were more than 800… But no fear: all ate their plate of rice with chicken. And each one received an orange, a drink and a small ball.
After lunch, it was time to watch a film in which the protagonists were some of the children themselves, and it was a real pleasure for all those present to try to recognize who the actors were!
Then the sun started to go down… it was time to go home. But there would be practically no time at all to start pining for the lovely day spent together: very soon, a few hours later, another Children’s Day would be celebrated at the Nutritional Centre…

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