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16 - Sep - 2007

On 10 September, in Matola (Maputo), a meeting was held at the local house of the Daughters of Charity, based on the theme of challenges currently facing Africa. DREAM representatives were invited to this meeting to talk about the care offered by the programme to many people infected by AIDS in the African continent.

The audience was numerous and particularly qualified, considering the meeting took place in the framework of a week-long conference of all the Provincials of the Daughters of Charity, with delegations from across Africa, and in the presence of many Vincentian priests too.

During the meeting, a general presentation about DREAM was given. The programme’s beginnings and motivation were recalled, how it is a child of the dream of the Community of Sant’Egidio about the resurrection of Africa. But then the discussion expanded, with the intervention of many Vincentians who have already launched DREAM in their health centres, or who are about to do so. The Councillor responsible for Africa, Sr Wivine Kisu, described DREAM as a hope for many men, women and children.

In fact, DREAM has been chosen by the Daughters of Charity as a model to be replicated in the African countries where they live and work. In the course of the past three years, many of them, around 100 between religious and lay people, attended one of the Pan-African formation courses of DREAM. The Daughters of Charity are already working in partnership with DREAM in Mozambique and Nigeria and they are preparing to do so in Cameroon, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo too.


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