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18 - Feb - 2009

Some days ago the DREAM centers of Maputo received the visit of Dr Susanne Kastner, vice president of the German Parliament accompanied by delegates of the Cooperation (GTZ) and of the embassy.

It was explained to the guests how a DREAM center works, the function of the laboratory, the protocol for the treatments, home care and the counselling with the mothers and the children.

There were some questions and a great positive impression. Everyone was impressed by functionality of the structures, of the excellence level of the laboratory and then by the organization of the central Pharmacy.

The received welcome also touched everyone deeply. Operators and activists accompanied the guests during their visit providing explanations and telling them their work and their stories.

Ana Maria Muhai, one the first DREAM activists, wanted to offer the vice President a capulana (one of the colored blankets used by the mozambiquan women to dress themselves or to carry the childen on the shoulders), but also showed her how to put it on, inviting the deputy to dance with the activists.

At the end of the visit Dr. Kastner thanked everyone a lot for the work that each one develops and has committed to make sure that the collaboration with DREAM can continue to grow in future.











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