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10 - Feb - 2009

This DREAM Center is the result of a long process of discernment and of a story that has the name of Love. While so many people and many organisms in the world show great pessimism towards the African Continent for what concerns the care for those who live with the AIDS virus, the Community of Sant’ Egidio demonstrated a large interest and its protocol of excellence used from the program DREAM has infact proved the opposite. The success of the work realized with the collaboration of the Daughters of Charity in the hospital of Chokwé in Mozambique, has brought in 2005, after thinking over and discernment, the Company of the Daughters of Charity to undertake a partnership with the Community of Sant’ Egidio for a better service to our brothers and sisters who suffer from the HIV syndrome.

Our founder, Vincent De Paul said to the Daughters of Charity: "Ten times a day you will go to see the poor and ten times you will meet with God". So he referred to the Gospel of Mathew 25, 40: "Inasmuch as you have done it to one of the least of these my brothers, you have done it to me". This was the driving force of his action towards the poor of his time in the France of the XVII° century, because the Poor were, according to his expression, "his burden and his pain". To his follow up, we, Daughters of Charity, have to try to make ours that dynamism that characterized him, to bring help and comfort to our suffering brothers and sisters …
This is the charisma of our two communities that brought us together most, to live that dynamism described by member of Sant’ Egidio like "an alliance with the Poor".

And you, Congolese brothers and sisters, collaborators of this DREAM center, you, dear Sisters of mine, Daughters of Charity of the Province of Congo, in the name of the vincenziano ideal, you will bring this service from above "with the quality, the skill, the respect of the person, the loving kindness and the compassion" among our brothers and sisters that live with the HIV-AIDS. Love every ill person that comes to you, because love gives and returns hope and revives in the person that suffers a new breath of life. That no mistake for negligence or any other justification will disappoint the hopes and the expectations that the ill and ourselves have on you.

Sister Wivine Kisu
Daughter of Chatity


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