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DREAM is teaching solidarity and love for Africa to all generations
22 - Mar - 2009

One of the characteristics of all the DREAM projects is that the European members who go to work in the field are not paid. Their reward is that of seeing a dream come true and the gratitude expressed by the sick people they help.
Over the years, their constant presence in support of the African personnel in every health centre has been guaranteed through a structured system of rotation, usually on a monthly basis. This constant renewal has maintained enthusiasm at a high, contagious level.
Many have experienced their own personal ‘African sickness’, overwhelmed by a passion for the continent and its people, inspired to be of service in the hope of curing their ills. Plus, many have transmitted the sense of their commitment to their own families and children.
We would like to print here this short composition written by Matteo, the son of a DREAM volunteer doctor who is at elementary school. This is how he describes his mother’s experience in the field:

I think solidarity is my Mum going to Africa to look after the children who have AIDS or when she gives advice for the things they should eat to help them grow.
I think Mum is a superwoman because she shows solidarity.
What she does is wonderful. I think it’s better to give something to others instead of keeping it all for yourself. This is how Mum thinks too when she is going away and leaving Dad and I on our own for a while.
I always think about these children when Mum goes to them. I think it’s great that she goes rather than stay here because she can cure many sick children.
This is solidarity.


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