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17 - Aug - 2009

It’s a time of celebration in Malawi because work on the building of the new nutritional centre at Blantyre has begun.

The dream of being able to offer the children of Malawi a nutritional centre is becoming a reality thanks to the generous contributions which have been collected throughout the year.

Malnutrition among the children of Malawi is commonplace so the possibility to provide large numbers of them with a daily meal will be a great help in improving their lives.

The centre will consist of a kitchen, a storeroom, two spacious indoor areas where the children can eat, bathrooms, a large outdoor play area and, in the future, a small school and an outpatients centre with a small office.

Moreover, the centre will be able to accommodate many afternoon activities for the children from the centre and the School of Peace.

The positive outcome of the experience in Mozambique has motivated the Community of Saint Egidio to dream of reproducing this wonderful opportunity for the children in Malawi too.

The construction work which will take six months is being carried out rapidly and accurately by a local firm under the supervision of the directors of the Community in Malawi and of the Italian architects who designed the centre.

Thanks to the presence of DREAM and the project’s children, Malawi continues to become more and more beautiful.








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