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29 - Dec - 2009

This year the parties and Christmas lunches organised by the Eu DREAM activists in Maputo were not just for children but also for the elderly and for prisoners.

A party was held at the Lar de Nossa Senhora dos Desemparados Institute on Dec. 26th for 82 elderly people. They had planned a warm welcome for the volunteers who were coming to the party by decorating the garden of the Institute. One of them recited a poem written specially for the occasion then altogether they sang a song dedicated to their weekly visitors.

Also present at the party were the nuns and the Mother Superior, Ermana Socorro, who welcomed everyone with a brief speech and warmly thanked the DREAM activists for their help in the Institute.

The party continued with dancing and singing and at the end “Mãe Natal” arrived with presents for all: a parcel containing a T-shirt, a bar of soap and a straw bag, which the elderly were all very happy with.

The same joyful atmosphere was created in a more difficult environment, the Maputo prison. Thanks to the commitment of 20 activists, more than 300 inmates had lunch together. During the lunch, a director from the Ministry of Justice thanked the Eu DREAM activists for their work in the prisons of Mozambique.

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