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02 - Nov - 2010

It was opened in Maputo the XVII training course in cooperation with the Ministry of Health from Mozambique.
The course will take place from November 1 to 10 and can count upon the participation of health professionals and activists coming from Mozambique but also from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Italy.
This specific training will consist in two different courses: the first will be addressed to doctors, technicians, nurses and pharmacists for a total of 60 people. This year we have a numerous participation of health staff working in care centers managed by the Mozambican Ministry of Health as well as staff from some NGO such as Médecins sans Frontières, who work in the country, for the treatment of AIDS.

The second course is aimed at training the Civil Society, and counts upon the participation of representatives of activists associations who are present in the entire Mozambican territory for a total of approximately 130 participants. Both courses have been possible thanks to the financial support of the French Agency for Development (AFD), the National Committee Against AIDS from Mozambique, the Association of the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) and the Levi-Montalcini Foundation.

At the opening intervened numerous authorities, representatives of the Diplomatic Corps in the country, of international Institutions and NGOs committed in the field.

A heartfelt salute addressed to the participants came from the representative of the Governor of the City of Maputo, the representative of the United Nations Program for Nutrition, with which DREAM has been cooperating for many years for the nutritional support given to the patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy. Furthermore, from the Italian Ambassador, from a representative of the association for the rights of the HIV positive, from the provincial superior sister of the Daughters of Charity, who carry out the DREAM Program in the Province of Gaza, a province with one of the highest incidence of the pandemic in the country. In addition, a friendly salute addressed to the participants to the course came from the representative of GTZ in Mozambique, the German Cooperation Program that supports financially several aspects of the DREAM program.

Addressing the participants, the representative of GTZ has told them about his experience visiting the DREAM centers and said “What has always impressed me about the program is the fact that along these years it has always kept a high level of quality and excellence in the care of AIDS patients. The DREAM program dedicates a special attention to the training of the staff in Africa offering a high level training standard, and this is why you are here. I appreciate the fact that DREAM always works with local staff…DREAM has never made any compromises with regards to quality; it has always kept excellence in each and every field. DREAM has never compromised on its patients and its results are unmistakable. The social aspects of the program and the direct involvement of the staff in the care of patients have always amazed me. When you visit a DREAM center you will notice immediately as everyone, doctors, nurses, come close to their patients, talk and relate with the patient, you can see that the patient is truly at the centre of the program. For GTZ it is an honor to have supported this program since its first years and I truly hope that it will continue to be supported in the future”.

After the salutes and the projection of a short video about the Program, Flavio Ismael, the Executive Secretary of the DREAM Association in Mozambique addressed the participants welcoming them and inviting them not to look at DREAM as an institution: “We are only a small group, who is highly sensitive to the situation of our sick brothers who suffer, but mostly we are a group of people who believe that they can make the difference and under this spirit, dedicate themselves, with body and soul, to the daily work, faithfully and brotherly supported by a team work to save innocent lives and improve the quality of life of our population. In my name and in the name of all the employees of DREAM I wish to thank the Community of Sant’Egidio for having infected us with this virus. The virus of persistence, of hope, of friendship, of life. For us, for Africa, for the Western countries, for the World, for our children and for all those who will come, thank you, and please keep on replicating this virus.”

After, Dr. Rosa Marlene, representing the Ministry of Health, has reminded the long story of cooperation between the Community of Sant’Egidio and Mozambique. “We need a comprehensive approach to the AIDS victims as that of the DREAM program. That ensures the quality of treatment and good adherence. For this reason we still have to work very much together and Sant’Egidio is one of the important partners of the country in this struggle”.

Lastly the course was opened by the vice-Minister of the Ministry for Women and Social Action, who has underlined the importance of training for civil society and has invited all to gather efforts in this great battle against the virus.

Rappresentante GTZ

eng. Flavio Ismael

Dr.ssa Rosa Marlene



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