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07 - Nov - 2010

The Cycling Tourism Committee, UISP Livorno-Pisa supports the DREAM Program for the prevention and treatment of AIDS in Africa.

Through the VI° Great Fund of the Marine Republic of Pisa – the “Cambielli Trophy” and the test races of the Pisa-Livorno 2010 Circuit, the Cycling Tourism Committee UISP Livorno-Pisa has chosen to support the DREAM Program.

The eight cycling societies responsible for the organization (Polisportiva Portammare Pisa, G.S Pappiana Bike Pisa, G.C. Madonna dell’Acqua Pisa, Cral ASA Livorno, G.S. Polypac-Revello Livorno, G.C. A.AM.PS. 2009 Livorno, G.S Carrozzeria Roma Livorno, A.S. La Rotta) have donated 1 euro per each participant of the different competitions which took place between March 14 and September 26, with the final awarding on October 23.

This extremely simple but proficient cooperation has shown that sport and solidarity may walk “in tandem”! DREAM is a dream that needs all of us and which may be achieved in a thousand different ways…even by bicycle!!





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