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28 - Feb - 2011

At the DREAM Center in Manga Chingussura every day there are many women, often very young, with small children. Friday is dedicated especially for them. In fact it is the day of the “escola de papinha”. The activists of EU DREAM teach how to cook nutritious meals for weaning babies….

"With the products of our land we can prepare meals which include all proteins and vitamins that our children need. So that they will grow strong…” Josefa and Leonor say to the numerous mothers, showing an illustrated pantry “it is a scientific study which tells us everything that the body needs and that we can give our children easily”.

The practical demonstration says it all: the stove, pots, ingredients for different types of baby food (vegetables, fruit, peanuts, legume, etc.); when the meals are ready they meet much success.

The young mothers have regained confidence. Weaning is a major concern for them who, not being able to afford expensive food for their children, do not know how to nourish them properly. But the monthly food packages and the nutritional counseling they receive from the DREAM center helps to manage well a very delicate phase for the baby such as weaning.

In short, it is a school of coking and of future for all.




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