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26 - Feb - 2012

An intense week at the DREAM “Centro para a Criança” of Maputo. Several official visits have occurred, confirming once again the big attraction represented by the DREAM model for many.
In the beginning of the week there was the visit of the Ambassador of the United States accompanied by a delegation of the Embassy.

The delegation followed a meeting by Ana Maria Muhai, addressed to the awaiting patients. All patients were extremely interested and there were many questions and, as always Ana Maria was able to respond with great strength and serenity talking about her battle against the disease, impressing utterly the guests.

The ambassador visited the center and then stopped to chat with Ana Maria about her story and the strength of her testimony, pointing out the great need in Africa today to talk with courage, in order to overcome the widespread stigma against the many AIDS patients.

The next day the general director of Total Moçambique visited the center with a team of his staff. They were very impressed by the many activities of the Program and have suggested a donation to support the pregnant women to, through the DREAM Program, give birth to healthy children.

Soon after, the Centro para a Criança welcomed the Country Coordinator of UNAIDS, one of the leading roles in the political orientations for the struggle against AIDS in Mozambique. A possible DREAM-UNAIDS partnership was discussed, aiming for a sharp action upon the Mozambican society and to ensure the right of treatment to all patients.

At the end of the week, on. Walter Veltroni, who in this period is visiting Mozambique, wished to visit the Centro para a Criança. He had already visited the first treatment center of the Program in Machava, back in 2004, and could not but notice the great strides that DREAM has made in these years. In his salute, he highlighted how “The meeting of the women of the movement I DREAM with the health professionals and with DREAM represent the creation of a model of a health system sized to the measure of men and women”, it is the realization of the model of “health care proximity” which also Italy would need.




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