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27 - May - 2012

Great news from the DREAM Center “Floribert Bwana Chuy” in Kinshasa: almost one year after its opening and an endless number of solicitations for the resolution of the problem, finally the connection to the public grid arrived. It wasn’t easy at all but also in this case, the priceless “spirit of DREAM” proved to be precious since it doesn’t surrender when facing obstacles such as this one, which seam really difficult to overcome.

To be connected to the public grid is of extreme importance since the activity of the Center, which increases continuously, has made of it a true landmark for hundreds of patients, as well as for the many organizations who care for AIDS patients.

To carry on the different activities with the only help of the generators, besides the cost of fuel which has become unsustainable, would really be impossible…

And so, at last light!



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