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18 - Jul - 2014

The weekly prayer of the activists of the DREAM program of the Community of Sant'Egidio in the prison of Machava, located on the outskirts of Maputo, is a beautiful and meaningful moment: an opportunity to feel the closeness of the Lord. For those who, in years of prison, have never received a visit or even a letter, the Lord is the only remaining "relative". “The Lord sees me, knows who I am" or even" knows how I am, he does not forget anyone", are phrases that prisoners often say to the brothers of the Community with which they form a new family, all around the same Father.

Last year in August, their network of friendship has expanded. In fact, the prisoners of the jail of Würzburg in Germany sent the money that they had collected amongst them along with a letter, as a sign of solidarity with those who were poorer than them. In their reply, the detainees of Machava had written: "Your gesture of solidarity makes us better understand the meaning of life."

At Würzburg they were so pleased with this reply that they desired to continue this friendship. So, this year they made ​​another collection in prison. Even those who did not have much to give gave a small contribution. The donation arrived to the prison of Machava on July 16: a sac of sugar, one of rice and soap for each prisoner. The packs were distributed by some representatives of the European community who are visiting Mozambique in this period, in occasion of the summer of solidarity.

"You can not imagine – said an inmate – how valuable this gift is for us! We thought all year long about the distribution of last year, because for us it is a really great support to know that we are not forgotten, that someone in this world thinks and loves us". For the occasion, the prisoners have decided to write a new letter to their new friends from Würzburg to continue this beautiful bond of friendship and solidarity that goes across continents.


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