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16 - Jun - 2015

2015-06-16_Londra_2On Monday 8th June the Italian Ambassador in London hosted a wonderful evening entitled “Women of Africa, building a DREAM together”, to support the Community of Sant’Egidio’s worldwide health programme, DREAM, whose main beneficiaries are African women.

The Ambassador Pasquale Terracciano and his wife warmly welcomed the gala’s many guests who, with their support, have funded the annual cost of the treatment, diagnostic tests, nutritional support and home care for 30 women in treatment at the DREAM centres in Malawi. It is well known that women are the heart of every family, and in particular of African families, so 30 women means 30 families which, thanks to this support, can start again to hope for a flourishing future, in which the disease does not have the last word.

2015-06-16_Londra_1The gala’s guest of honour was the Italian singer Gianna Nannini, who is practically English by adoption. She talked about her artistic connection and her solidarity with Africa.

The DREAM programme, which is present in 10 countries in Africa and has over 270,000 patients in treatment, is a great example of how even the biggest problems can be faced and solved, but this would not be possible without many people’s support. This is why initiatives like the one of 8th June are fundamental for continuing with the programme, but also for promoting a positive and confident idea of the future of Africa, starting with its women.

Special thanks to Yuki and Roberto Casoni  who  have given their valuable contribution to coordinate and promote this event with their friends with great success. A special thanks to Azianda Agricola Bellaria for the wine.


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