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09 - Nov - 2015

Although operating in an isolated treatment center in the Mozambican “mato” or in the Malawian countryside, it is possible to feel like part of a big healing community.

The telecommunications network supports and helps maintain the human chain that brings together doctors, nurses, patients from various areas of Africa and Europe.

The exchange of opinions, data, tele-consultation and second opinion requests, but also advice and encouragements, travel continuously among DREAM’s EuroAfrican network.

I.T., telecommunications and renewable energies, at the disposal of a sanitary of excellence in Africa, have been the main topics at the presentation of the DREAM Program in Mozambique and Malawi during the day at Expo.

“There are 60 year-old nurses that don’t want to hear about pen and paper anymore … only PC and keyboard … and when there are problems with the server, a call to the I.T. customer service is mandatory”. With these effective words, Mussagy Cassamo, responsible for DREAM’s ICT service in Mozambique, illustrated just how I.T. and telecommunications are a big part of DREAM in Africa.

But ICT and analysis laboratories are in need of stable and reliable energy.

DREAM’s primitive dream of having access to clean and low-cost energy is beginning to come true.

80% of the DREAM health centers in Malawi are now powered by systems fueled with hybrid renewable/traditional energy.

Maurizio Tortone of Riello-Aros Solar illustrated also to non-operators in plain words the secrets of this type of structure that is bound to be one of the most interesting solutions for the rural electrification of Africa.

Invited by ENI, promoter of the “Energy art & sustainability for Africa” contest, as guests of the Angola pavilion, we explained how day after day DREAM is becoming a Solar Dream.

Professor Sandro Furlan of Eni Corporate University illustrated the collaboration between Eni and the Mozambican universities: “Sustainability is to create the foundations for a long-term collaboration. Culture and training are its cornerstones”.

Training has always been a pillar of DREAM’s presence in Africa. Over the years DREAM has trained thousands of sanitary and social workers, but also I.T. technicians and now solar panel installers.

DREAM is getting ready for the new global health challenges innovating itself and reducing its environmental impact.


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