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22 - Apr - 2016


The whole world celebrates Earth Day, but this year in particular it coincided with the ratification of the Paris Agreement, which had been agreed upon during the UN’s Climate Change Conference in December.
Even though there is plenty of work left to be done, for the protection of our environment and the reduction of pollution, Guinea has already made significant steps; focusing primarily on clean energy and investing in hydro-electric enery.
DSCN0390Even DREAM, with its minimal funds and resources, always tries to find ways to make its activities always more environmentally conscious and respectful. Thanks to the financing of a private italian business, Sig. Daldosso, DREAM was able to install a 32 KW solar-panel. The panel works in such a way that first the sun strikes the panel, this solar energy is then stored in batteries so that the use of the diesel generator is only a last resort.
This opens a large economy in the use of diesel fuel, which the poor funds of DREAM are very thankful for, but also improve the air we all breathe. Less burning fuels entails less CO2 and other harmful gases in the air and a diminishing need to extract fossil fuels .



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