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20 - Dec - 2019

Lots of rice, chicken, oil, soft drinks and biscuits and also children’s clothes and shoes. These are the gifts, a real Christmas present, that arrived at the DREAM centre in Zimpeto.

Here, in the Community of Sant’Egidio’s healthcare centre, is where a group of people saw Pope Francis when he came to visit. They were moved by the words of the Holy Father, who compared the activity of the health centre to the parable of the Good Samaritan and decided to give the centre food and clothes. This is the touching letter that came with the crates full of groceries, clothes and shoes:

“Pope Francis’ visit echoes in our minds as if it were yesterday and we are sure that this day will stay forever in our hearts.

Thanks to the Community of Sant’Egidio, we had the privilege of being able to listen to Pope Francis’ message and receive his blessing. For us, being at the Zimpeto healthcare centre was not limited to the joy of seeing the Holy Father, we also listened to his words when he compared your activity to the parable of the Good Samaritan. “You heard that silent, almost imperceptible cry of those who suffer, and thanks to your gesture, you became an expression of the heart of Jesus, so that no one thinks their cry will reach deaf ears” (words of the Holy Father).

“You are a sign of solidarity for those who need to feel the active  presence of a brother or sister” (words of the Holy Father) and it is in this spirit of brotherhood that we are giving you our offering to help you celebrate this Holy Christmas, and continue to give light and hope to all those you help.

To the Community of Sant’Egidio and to all those who benefit from your demonstration of love, we send you our wishes for a Merry Christmas. We wish for the Lord to bless you so that the birth of Jesus Christ brings light and hope to the hearts of those who love you most and continue to be a manifestation of God’s love, always ready to infuse life and hope.

We sing the song with which Pope Francis was welcomed to the centre and say goodbye to each other full of love and gratitude.

Moya wanga khensa, moya wanga khensa, moya wanga khensa, Khensa Yehova …

Moya Wanga Kensa, Moya Wanga Kensa, Moya Wanga Kensa, Papa Francisco …

Moya Wanga Khensa, Moya Wanga Khensa, Moya Wanga Khensa, Comunidade Santo Egidio…

With love and gratitude

Açucena Benjamim Guilaze

Augusto Aldonio Cassa

Vercélia Pereira Lopes


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