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08 - Mar - 2021

“Today, on the 8th March, I am appealing to all the women in the world not to take this day lightly, to become aware that women’s future depends on us”, says Claudia, a midwife and the head of antenatal visits at the Sant’Egidio’s Clinique DREAM at Bangui, reminding us of the importance of this day.

The DREAM programme focuses particularly on women and thanks to their professionalism, competence and sense of responsibility, since 2002 the Community of Sant’Egidio has been able to ensure hundreds of thousands of people the right to sexual and reproductive health, and fight HIV/AIDS in 10 countries in Africa. This epidemic has always had women as the main victim. Nowadays, knowing that a positive result of the HIV test is not a death sentence, but that there is an effective therapy, has led to a new awareness. Women who were outcasts before, show how it is possible to react and experience the beginning of a new life. In the DREAM programme, the commitment and testimony of many women have brought thousands of people closer to the therapy. These women have been able to find their space in their communities and are bringing changes to these communities.



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