HomeDREAMThe DREAM centre in Central African Republic has become a COVID vaccination point
25 - May - 2021

Our centre in the Central African Republic, as well as continuing to carry out its normal activities, has been chosen by the government to become one of the country’s COVID vaccination points.

Last Friday we began administering the vaccine doses and about 300 patients have been immunised, a considerable number given the many problems that exist in these territories.

The DREAM RCA centre has received the Ministry’s approval because it is equipped with fundamental features for the correct and timely vaccination of the population: the cold chain (fridge to keep the doses and electricity guaranteed 24 hours a day) is one of these. Moreover, our facility already hosts many patients suffering from pathologies that can increase the risk of developing severe forms of COVID-19, such as hypertension and diabetes, which would thus be facilitated in the administration of the vaccine.

The challenge now is to raise awareness among the population, to clear the field of prejudices that are an obstacle to vaccination, while we know that we will only defeat this pandemic if we all pull together.


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